Newburyport School Committee Candidacy

Thank you for visiting my blog, which is primarily dedicated to literacy, adult & child development, and 21st century learning issues.  Two of my more recent posts about school transformation and moving to later starting times for the high school relate specifically to Newburyport. They provide some insights to my thinking and hopefully future conversations about educational issues and concerns in Newburyport.

I have committed my career to advocating for strong public schools, both in my unwavering commitment for doing what’s best for children and adolescents; and understanding that schools also need to nurture adult learning. Please visit my Bio and Testimonial pages for more specifics regarding my work and experience in areas that I believe will contribute to the advancement of educational efforts in Newburyport

One wide-ranging effort will be continuing the evolvement to 21st century teaching and learning environments. Such transformations are complex and require a vision to address the needs of students, school staffs, parents, and the community at large. The Strategic Plan for the Newburyport Schools that has begun to be implemented certainly provides great opportunity for integrating 21st century skills with critical stakeholders. I’m excited by its potential and look forward to discussions with Newburyport voters about their concerns and hopes for the best that Newburyport schools can be.

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