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Gary’s areas of expertise include literacy; adult & professional Development; 21st Century teaching & learning; and developing school/organizational cultures through a relationship/process/task construct. He provides a variety of technical assistance and support to schools, districts, and state agencies in these areas. The following are examples and testimonials:

  • 21st Century School Transformation

As a 21st Century school design leader, Gary was a founding administrator and it’s initial Chief Learning Officer for the Virtual Learning Academy Charter School, a New Hampshire public statewide online school. He has remained affiliated with the school as a consultant working on writing, research and design for newly launched competency based pathways (college, internships, and projects) as well as a virtual statewide adult education program. Gary has been instrumental in developing and implementing strategies with brick and mortar schools for creating blended teaching and learning environments.

Gary is kind, tactful, insightful, and intelligent. His judgment is keen, his experience is diverse and his ability to cut to the root of an issue is uncanny. These qualities, along with his sense of humor make him a valued colleague who is able to make his mark on a district. He brought his facility with technology to our district and moved the culture light years in just a short time. His intelligent, thoughtful approach to the change process earned the respect and cooperation of all. He is well read and up to date on the latest research and its implications for the classroom ~ Jean Briggs Badger, Superintendent

  • Teacher and Curriculum Development

As an UNH Resident Scholar, teaching graduate and undergraduate courses along with supervision of emerging teachers at the University of New Hampshire, Gary taught out of the Education Department and English Department(Learning Through Teaching) with a particular emphasis on school structures and change; and writing strategies for differentiation and interdisciplinary applications

Gary Tirone possesses “the right stuff” (i.e., intelligence, expertise, experience, vision, realism, interpersonal skills, and a great work ethic), all of which are needed to positively impact school policy, faculty culture, and student learning. He sees “the big picture” and works to achieve these overarching goals, yet he is also practical and knows when to compromise on priorities and strategies; and is particularly knowledgeable about issues and tensions associated with curriculum reform as it relates to state curriculum frameworks and testing, and the Common Core.~ Joe Onosko, Associate Professor

As an instructor Gary is dedicated to developing a meaningful classroom experience which encourages learning across the disciplines. He is thoughtful in his development of curricular and materials, putting together articles, books, videos, and guest speakers which are current and thought provoking. He supports independent thinking and exploration. His responses to my papers were thoughtful, honest, observations which challenged me to dig deeper and do better. ~ Carol Colgan, Teacher & Graduate Student

  • Educator Evaluation/Educator as Researcher Models

As a consultant for the Dover and Epping School Districts in New Hampshire, Gary led a transformation of the teacher/administrator evaluation system to include the educator as researcher model that included a relationship/ process/task construct and integrated technology to facilitate blended, relational possibilities

Through his efforts, there is now much more dialog- between teacher and student, student and student, and even administrators. There are now study groups engaged in conversations about what matters most in support of student learning. The K-12 curriculum is more cohesive than it has ever been in the nine years I have served here as principal.~ Mark Vallone Elementary Principal

Gary is one of the most reflective practitioners I have encountered. He is very thorough in his work and is thought provoking in others. He believes in and seeks the best in others and considers every member of a group to be a contributor. He brings an impressive set of credentials to any group he joins and brings interesting insights to his work.~ Lyn Ward Healy, New England League of Middle Schools

  • Staff Embedded Professional Development

As a teaching administrator and consultant, Gary assesses individual teacher and administrator readiness for change, and developed personalized graduate onsite curriculum for staffs that personalized adult development and facilitated a change process for curriculum, instruction and assessment

Gary’s true talents lie in his knowledge of literacy, his passion for student learning and adult learning, and his ability to link the two. Gary’s focus was to provide onsite graduate-level English courses to teachers and administrators in the area of portfolios for students and staff. These courses have served as a pilot and backbone for future changes in student assessment and staff evaluation. Gary also played a key role in technology and the new ICT Standards requiring student electronic portfolios. These initiatives as well as others are an example of Gary’s systemic approach to change and learning. He has worked with other school districts, the NH Department of Education, the University of New Hampshire, and other outside agencies in planning and implementing similar initiatives ~ Barbara Munsey, Superintendent

Throughout the time Gary has been in the district I have consulted with him on all aspects of student learning, curriculum, creating positive school climates, and special education concerns. He brings with him an ability to actively listen to challenges and contributes immensely to school improvement efforts. He maintains an extremely professional demeanor while displaying a quiet sense of humor. Catherine Zylinski, Director of Special Services

  • Literacy/Research Services

As a Writer/Researcher, Gary has had columns published , written successful grants for mentoring and professional development, as well as for Next Generation Learning opportunities. Gary has also written white papers for specific strategy use in the areas of adult development, writing pedagogies, and teaching & learning for the 21st Century.


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