History Out of Context- That’s You New Mexico, Louisiana & South Dakota

As a method for blending current events, journalism, and poetry, my English classes did poetry in the news a few times a month when I was teaching.  It was a great integration of free verse, word study and and getting students more engaged in community, national and world news.  I no longer teach middle and high school students, but as an educator and lifelong learner I find it useful to continue the practice on my own to convey newsworthy educational issues through poetry…especially during National Poetry Month.  Education Week has been a good source for issues related to school administrators, teachers, students; including a previous post, “Things Educators Carry as Covid Carries On.”   My most recent effort relates to the current political efforts to cover up parts of our history through legislative actions creating policy that marginalizes the need for continued efforts for equity and social justice.

History Out of Context- That’s You New Mexico, Louisiana & South Dakota

A Found Poem by Gary Tirone

Found poem from: How the Critical Race Theory Debate Is Rewriting Social Studies Standards, by Stephen Sawchuk, Education Week, Volume 41, Issue 19, January 19, 2022.




is the study of human beings.

Democracy in the classroom means

we’re having conversations with other people,


shutting them down.

Children in school are smart.

They observe things and watch

what adults do.


The New Mexico House Republican Caucus

Repudiated social studies standards.

Citing words like:





Create a flawed vision of America.


Determining a vision

of America


the question.

What’s more political?

Keeping standards as written


Editing them out?